The end of a collaboration.

Medusa Group | 6.2.2017

MEDUSA GROUP’s collaboration with Martin Korbelič comes to an end.

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The legendary Primi

Medusa Group | 2.10.2015

Medusa Group opens the second place of business in the in the capital of Austria.

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Iconic Japanese-inspired restaurants in Bratislava

Medusa Group | 1.10.2015

We bring the cult restaurant chain wagamama to Central Europe.

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Original Klubovňa´s 11° tapped!

Medusa Group | 28.9.2015

“We gave our customers the chance to find in Klubovňas something which is really theirs, something the quality of which they could personally influence..”

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The Sixth Klubovňa Falls into Karlová Ves

Medusa Group | 3.9.2015

Brand new Klubovňa has opened on Jurigovo Námestie.

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Fortieth is Heaven and Hell in One Place!

Medusa Group | 1.9.2015

A new, fortieth establishment of the Medusa Group, is being opened in Prague's Wenceslas Square.

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Live concerts and favourite films in Petržalská Klubovňa

Medusa Group | 8.7.2015

Our new restaurant opens with concert of Vidiek!

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The legendary restaurant chain opens in Košice

Medusa Group | 10.6.2015

Great Mediterranean cuisine, captivating interior, cocktails and DJs.

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Presto is the second modern canteen in Prague

Medusa Group | 14.5.2015

DOT system enables to put together food of your taste on one plate.

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New Slang?

Medusa Group | 4.5.2015

A good old venue with a new approach to tradition.

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We have opened a fourth Klubovňa, Ružinovská.

Medusa Group | 22.4.2015

Not only unique taproom but also watching kitchen alive shall be available for quests of Klubovňa in Ružinov.

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Swordsman on the year

Medusa Group | 16.2.2015

We know the winner of the 2015 Medusa-Hubert Swordsman.

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In Klubovňas there will be unique beer brewed. People will decide on it!

Medusa Group | 11.12.2014

One more beer, a beer specially brewed for Klubovňas, will be added to 16 beer types.

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KUBU and Mlska are places that you will enjoy!

Medusa Group | 27.11.2014

Medusa Group restaurants are present in new OC Bory Mall

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Medusa is expanding its team

Medusa Group | 20.11.2014

Self service restaurants directed by the master in this field

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Bystrická Klubovňa opens its doors for you!

Medusa Group | 23.10.2014

„We opened Klubovňa in a region whose history, traditions and meaning are important for all of Slovakia. We will try to become a natural part of it.“

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Medusa with TOP three in their field

Medusa Group | 29.9.2014

Sommelier and bartender top in trio with master of kitchen

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Centrálna Klubovňa and HC SLOVAN Bratislava agreed on close cooperation

Medusa Group | 27.8.2014

Centrálna Klubovňa is the official Klubovňa for HC Slovan fans

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MEDUSA GROUP opens Ventúrska Klubovňa

Medusa Group | 17.7.2014

New Klubovňa in the downtown Bratislava for the core ones

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MEDUSA GROUP with a new agency

Medusa Group | 1.7.2014

PBR s.r.o. is the new communication partner in the field of public relations

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Le Club undergoes huge changes

Medusa Group | 21.5.2014

Le Club with new lounge, VIP zone and haute cuisine

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MEDUSA Group has opened Centrálna Klubovňa

Medusa Group | 18.3.2014

In Klubovňa your Zlatý Bažant will be draught with wit

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Gold MEDUSACard has its first owner

Medusa Group | 1.9.2013

Customers eligible for gold loyalty card must spend 5,000 Euros in Medusa Group within 12 months.

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Medusa Group | 28.5.2013

MEDUSA Group na Slovak Food Feste 2013 najobľúbenejšia

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MERCADO, new operation in Eurovea

Medusa Group | 2.4.2013

Freshness and simplicity are the foundations of a new concept inspired by the modern city market.

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Medusa Group introduces a unique loyalty MedusaCard

Medusa Group | 29.1.2013

„MedusaCard is our most significant project since the opening of our first restaurant,“ P. Štecko says.

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Autumn in MEDUSA Group is mostly game, duck, pumpkins and traditional potato crepes

Medusa Group | 25.11.2012

Restaurants of the biggest Slovak gastro-group introduced their autumn menus.

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Lancia turned into TRAFO Café

Medusa Group | 7.8.2012

Café above a popular nightclub in the Erdődy palace underwent a re-design.

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First operation in Vienna, Medusa Restaurant & Club

Medusa Group | 16.6.2012

On May 26, 2012, the biggest Slovak gastro-group, MEDUSA Group, opened its first foreign restaurant a few steps from the famous Kärtnerstrasse in the center of Vienna - Medusa Restaurant & Club.

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Slang Pub changed its menu after a reconstruction

Medusa Group | 1.4.2012

Partnership with Golden Pheasant brought tank beer to Bratislava’s Hviezdoslavovo square.

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MEDUSA Group takes over gastronomic activities in the Erdӧdy palace

Medusa Group | 1.1.2012

The biggest Slovak gastro-group MEDUSA Group, which owns and operates seventeen restaurants in Bratislava and a catering company, has agreed today (9.12.2011) with EASTFIELD GROUP on taking over all its gastro-activities in the Erdӧdy palace on Ventúrska 1, Bratislava.

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Bistro Petite Provence changed to Bistro Café &Creperie

Medusa Group | 3.1.2011

After a year and a half of its operation on Hviezdoslavovo square, the French Bistro Petite Provence, belonging to the biggest Slovak gastro-group MEDUSA Group, partially changed its concept and name.

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