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Food is not only what we eat

Medusa Group | 6.12.2016

An Interview with Mojmír Lieskovský, the Brand Manager of the Presto chain.

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We sell emotions in the restaurant.

Medusa Group | 12.4.2016

Interview with Peter Štecko for

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Culinary Art of Living

Medusa Group | 18.3.2016

Interview with Peter Duranský for a czech magazine.

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Tomáš Sika teaches cooking

Medusa Group | 10.9.2015

Tomáš's tips for InBar magazine.

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Barrock is heading to Prague

Medusa Group | 21.8.2015

An interview with Peter Štecko about new Barrock and future plans.

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With the soul of old Petržalka

Medusa Group | 27.7.2015

Discover new Petržalská Klubovňa thanks to

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Primi now also in Košice

Medusa Group | 11.6.2015

Chain of restaurants Primi is becoming part of Košice's city center.

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Beer classic in the city center

Medusa Group | 4.6.2015 visited our new Slang.

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Cocktail master with the image of a gentleman.

Medusa Group | 5.5.2015

Very interesting interview with Tomáš Holec for

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Rosé wines are breaking records

Medusa Group | 22.4.2015

Vladko Hronský talks about Slovak rosé wines.

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Beerpub in Barbakan

Medusa Group | 14.4.2015 visited the home of all the beer lovers, Bystrická Klubovňa.

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Every mountain needs something different

Medusa Group | 24.3.2015

Interview with Vladimír Hronský for the Forbes magazine.

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Finlandia Finishing School II.

Medusa Group | 7.1.2015

Five stories of five winning cocktails.

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Interview with Martin Korbelič

Medusa Group | 5.1.2015

"I knew it would bi a big challange", says Martin Korbelič for the Formen magazine.

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In order for the big things to work, the little ones need too

Medusa Group | 28.12.2014

Michal Riják, the COO of Medusa Group gave an interview for Horpodárske Noviny.

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Eleven dream guys

Medusa Group | 19.12.2014

"Medusa Group presents "Dream team" of hospitality masters", writes Hospodárske noviny.

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We have only one goal, a satisfied and returning customer

Medusa Group | 12.12.2014

Interview with Martin Korbelič for Hospodárske Noviny.

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People will decide about special Klubovňa beer

Medusa Group | 11.12.2014

"Chain of modern beer pubs Klubovňa is working on its own special beer", writes

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Vienna Calling

Medusa Group | 8.12.2014

Peter Duranský, the headchef of Medusa Restaurant & Club in Vienna, cooked for

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We got 4,5 stars

Medusa Group | 4.12.2014

Ventúrska Klubovňa reviewed by Bratislavské noviny.

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Aromas & flavours of the streets

Medusa Group | 1.12.2014

"Pleasant loft in the mall" writes Bratislavský kuriér.

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Medusa Group has created Mlska for Bory Mall

Medusa Group | 27.11.2014

„Mlska, which is about to open in the Bory Mall, is a brand new concept in portfolio of the Medusa Group" writes

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We will open 16 restaurants next year

Medusa Group | 25.11.2014

The Trend magazine interviewed Peter Štecko.

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Medusa group continues in strengthening its professional team

Medusa Group | 21.11.2014

Mojmír Lieskovský is the new head of division of self service restaurants Presto.

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Style Italiano

Medusa Group | 20.11.2014

Do you love Italy? If yes, you will enjoy recipes which Marián Ševčík, the head chef of Primi River Lounge, cooked for

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I gained all my experience in New York

Medusa Group | 20.11.2014

An interview with Michal Riják for Prečo nie magazine.

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Slovaks are opening the largest establishment in Prague

Medusa Group | 19.11.2014

"We will open the largest establishment for parties, events and concerts in downtown Prague" says Peter Štecko for the HN newspaper.

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We will open the biggest venue

Medusa Group | 19.11.2014

Peter Štecko is talking to the HN newspaper about new Kubu Bory, Mlska and future plans.

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Sunday cooking man style

Medusa Group | 15.11.2014

"Kitchen in Centrálna Klubovňa is ruled by guys and it is a lot of fun" writes.

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In the rhythm of samba

Medusa Group | 12.11.2014

Head chef of Rio restaurant Zdenko Majzún has revealed recipes and cooked for

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Lets meet for beer and great food: We are slowing down in Klubovňa

Medusa Group | 28.10.2014 writes: "Get off your bikes and invite yourself in. Believe us, you will not have just one."

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Original Klubovňa opened in Barbakan!

Medusa Group | 22.10.2014 wrote about opening of new Bystrická Klubovňa.

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Medusa Group enforced with Tomáš Holec

Medusa Group | 30.9.2014

Executive bar manager Tomáš Holec will guarantee full bartending quality in Medusa Group.

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Bill Clinton in Medusa Restaurant Vienna!

Medusa Group | 2.6.2014

Slovak-owned company restaurant in Vienna was appreciated by Bill Clinton: It was so tasty, that he had to have a photo with staff!

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Check out the story of Peter Štecko

Medusa Group | 15.12.2012

Check out the story of Peter Štecko, the owner of the Medusa Group, which is the biggest gastronomic group in Slovakia.

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Restaurant Leblon was transferred under Medusa Group

Medusa Group | 1.7.2012

Restaurant Leblon in Bratislava’s Eurovea with the capacity of 229 guests is at the moment the 23rd operation of the Slovak number 1 in gastronomy, the Medusa Group.

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